Obvious Mistakes Made by New E-Commerce Investors: BigCommerce Vs. Shopify

Obvious Mistakes Made by New E-Commerce Investors: BigCommerce Vs. Shopify

Among the worst things that you can ever do is rushing to choose Shopify or BigCommerce without thorough research. As usual, people rely on the internet for information, but for a better experience with managing your e-commerce site, you might need to go an extra mile to select your platform. It is, therefore, suitable to know that both Shopify and BigCommerce have a free trial period that you can use to make a better choice. Other mistakes that are common with new e-commerce sites, especially in Canada, include:

  • Poor research

For someone without any e-commerce skills, it is highly recommended that you work with Shopify. However, you find that someone has just gotten the idea of selling products online, and since they have heard about BigCommerce, they rush without trying to find out if there are better options. It is good to know that Shopify is a much easier platform to use than BigCommerce. That is because Shopify has everything under one roof, plus it was designed for people who can read and understand. Without sound research, you are capable of making worse mistakes that will negatively affect your business in the future

  • Lack of faith in their company

It is pointless to open a store online without being confident that it will perform better in the future. That is because lack of confidence will send you in the wrong direction because you will feel that you should start small. The problem with this is that you will quickly rush to buy a cheap e-commerce platform, which usually comes with limited features. It is good to know that modern shoppers would instead order what they need online rather than go to the stores. With that alone, you should understand that any only new business stands a better chance of making it in the market.


While choosing between Shopify and BigCommerce seems like a big problem, you should let your e-commerce skills help you in maki8ng the right choice. Remember that as much as Shopify might favor someone without any e-commerce background but not someone who knows what they are doing. Migration from one platform to the other is, however, the highest risk that you should make sure that you evade because it will cost you a lot. That is why you need to think about the future status of your company before selecting the right e-commerce platform.

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