BigCommerce Vs. Shopify: Tips for Finding the Right E-Commerce Platform

BigCommerce Vs. Shopify: Tips for Finding the Right E-Commerce Platform

Running an online business is not easy without a proper e-commerce platform. That is why many e-commerce sites in The UK are finding themselves using either Shopify or BigCommerce. It is crucial to note that the e-commerce platform you choose will determine everything about the future of your business. With online shops, it is essential to know that you have a better chance of growing in the future thanks to the fact that people these days prefer shopping from their phones and computers.

  • What to look for

The features of an e-commerce platform usually are their selling point. However, some people still make the wrong decision because they fail to conduct enough research. However, you need to understand that online stores typically get more sophisticated with time because of the heavy traffic and large orders that you will be receiving. Hence, make sure that you have a platform that can support your growth. Scalability is an essential feature that some people ignore, and the consequences can be adverse.

  • Dangers of rushing for an e-commerce software

One thing that tricks many people into buying the wrong platform is that they are cheap. The problem is that these platforms have limited features making them unsuitable for running a complex inventory. Product management is another essential feature that most people forget to check on. It can be disappointing if you purchase an e-commerce platform only to find that you can process only a few orders a month and sell only a limited number of products at a time.

  • What makes Shopify and BigCommerce accessible in the UK

From comparing BigCommerce and Shopify, you will realize that these platforms share certain similarities. It’s good to know that there are certain key features that you will only understand their functions if you conduct sound research. The fact that both platforms offer free hosting for their users means that they solve almost half of your problems because the servers are designed to support e-commerce. Both platforms also have great sales features and are suitable for managing integrated enterprises.


Finding the right e-commerce platform takes proper research because there are so many e-commerce platforms that will not offer you the right solutions. If you want to integrate or manage a more sophisticated inventory, you need to make sure that you choose the right platform in the beginning.

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