6 Features That Put Shopify Ahead in The
E-Commerce Industry

It cannot go without saying that Shopify is one of the most used e-commerce platforms in the world today. That is because; it was designed with ordinary people in mind. Today, anyone can easily use this platform to integrate and expand their market reach online. According to reports, some particular things have made Shopify popular in Australia, and they include;

1. User-friendly

One of the things that people look for when searching for the right e-commerce platforms is the ability to utilize the platform and maximize sales and profits fully. With various platforms available in the market, some are quite complicated to use. These are the kind of platforms that require you to have a good background in e-commerce. You may also need to have or hire web design services because not all of them come with pre-designed sites for you to edit.

2. Better security

It is safe to say that there are millions of money lost yearly through cybercrimes. The worst part is that e-commerce sites are usually the main target because there is a transaction of money. For Shopify, however, you will enjoy a free hosting service that comes with many benefits. First, you need to understand that Shopify servers are specially designed to support e-commerce. That means that things like hackers will be the least of your problem. Also, you need to know that with an e-commerce website, high traffic can be a problem if you are not hosted on stable servers. As for Shopify, you need to know that these servers are designed to ensure that high traffic means business for you.

3. Great customization features

One of the best things about having a fully customized management system is that it gives you an easy time to manage your business. You should know that Shopify has a vibrant app store full of specialized e-commerce applications that you can use to design the best management system. Shopify allows for a broader range of options when it comes to working with third-party plug-ins. That means, even if you already have a clothing store, for example, and you have decided to work with Shopify, all you need to do is link your POS device to the software. There are high chances that you won’t need to purchase a new POS device because Shopify is known to be compatible with some of the available tools like cash registers, barcode, and smartcard readers.

4. Easy to market your company

Since your target customers are available on various platforms online, it is crucial to ensure that you have a well-organized digital marketing strategy. That means you need to make sure that you can reach out to your customers wherever they are. With Shopify, you will enjoy a wide variety of marketing options that will connect you directly to your customers. It is therefore vital to check on the sales features of an e-commerce platform before you decide to purchase.

5. Suitable for all kinds of enterprises

Whether you are running a new or established enterprise, you still need the best software for the job, one that is capable of adapting to your future needs. With Shopify, you won’t need to migrate to any platform even when your inventory grows due.


If you would like to find out some of the things that have made Shopify shine in the industry, then take advantage of the 14 days’ free trial period. During that period, you should be able to know if this platform is what you have been looking for or not. Find out whether the platform is easy to use, how responsive it is, and in particular, the kind of look you can achieve with the platform. This way, you will be in a better position to make an informed Purchase decision. In addition, there are several testimonials from other users of why they migrate from one platform to another, if you want to know some of the reasons that have prevailed in this 2019, click here.

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